Keto and Exercise Supplement Review – Supercharge Your Performance With Bucked Up?s Pre-Workout

The Bucked Up line is a good supplement to take when you are working out on keto. Their products contain effectively dosed ingredients like citrulline malate and beta alanine, as well as a one-of-a-kind deer antler velvet patented ingredient from DAS Labs.

Other ingredients include astragin to improve citrulline absorption, and a mix of amino acids that help with muscle recovery. They also have 200 mg of caffeine per serving — a research-backed dose.


Getting enough energy on a ketogenic diet is one of the biggest challenges, especially for people who exercise. You need to get your body used to using fat as the main fuel, so low-intensity workouts like walking, yoga and jogging may be better for you at first. But you still need to include high-intensity exercises and weightlifting for well-rounded fitness.

The good news is that your body will likely become more efficient at burning fat during exercise on a keto diet, so it won’t run out of energy as quickly. However, if you have trouble keeping up with your normal intensity levels and feel underpowered during your workouts, try eating more protein and fat or experiment with adding back in some carbs (like glucose) to your diet.

Another option is to use a targeted keto approach that allows you to eat some carbs right before a workout. This will help your muscles refuel with glycogen, which can improve performance and reduce the feeling of hitting a wall during your workout.

You can also try experimenting with a pre-workout supplement that has ingredients like taurine, l-citrulline, creatine, alpha GPC and beta-alanine to boost energy, optimize workouts and help you build muscle. These can be added to a smoothie along with a flavored protein powder (20-40g of protein), MCTs and/or exogenous ketones.


Endurance sports require a lot of energy and force your body to work hard. In addition to the added stress, the body also loses valuable minerals and electrolytes during a long workout, leaving the muscles in a dehydrated state. The good news is, you can counteract this by drinking plenty of water. Ideally, you should drink about half of your lean body weight in ounces each day. This helps to reduce muscle cramps and fatigue, as well as improves recovery time.

The keto diet may not be ideal for exercise that requires short bursts of energy like HIIT and sprinting, but it can still help you burn fat at a faster rate. It does this by reducing your dependency on glucose for fuel, while boosting ketone production in the liver and brain.

Taking advantage of these benefits isn’t difficult. You can start with a standard keto diet and see how it affects you during high-intensity exercise, then add back carbohydrates in small amounts to optimize your performance. You can also experiment with adding MCTs or exogenous ketone supplements to your workout routine, if you’re looking for an extra boost in endurance and focus.


In addition to pump-boosting ingredients like citrulline, Actigin, Alphasize, and beta-alanine, Bucked Up has a few unique blends that can help you focus during your workout. These include Mother Bucker, which is a high-dosage premium pre workout designed specifically with elite stim-junkies, advanced athletes, and serious gym nuts in mind. It has a transparent label, multiple delectable flavors, and a full-spectrum blend of focus- and cognition-boosting ingredients to help you train harder and push your limits.

Another ingredient that helps you get the most out of your workout is branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). These are essential for improving muscle performance and decreasing recovery time. Another important BCAA is tyrosine, which can also boost mental performance and reduce the effects of stress.

When looking for a pre workout, it’s best to choose one that doesn’t contain DMAA, as this can cause a false positive on drug tests. A good option is WOKE AF, which has a similar formula to Bucked Up Original but has no DMAA and includes clinically-effective dosages of all ingredients.

If you’re someone who loves to eat before working out, a full meal is always a great option. Eating a meal will ensure that you have a reliable source of energy to help you power through your workout, and it can even help keep your appetite in check during training.

Muscle Recovery

It’s important to note that muscle recovery is also a key factor when it comes to exercise. While some people may believe that they can’t afford to take a day off from their workout routine because it will slow their progress, taking a few days off allows muscles the time they need to heal and repair themselves. This is crucial for making progress in your fitness goals.

It’s also important to eat a diet that is full of nutrient-rich foods that will fuel your body for exercise. In some cases, if you’re following the keto diet but still experiencing low energy levels or stalled weight loss, it could be a sign that your diet isn’t supplying enough nutrients to keep you active.

Bucked Up is an industry-leading pre workout supplement made by DAS Labs that contains powerful ingredients that will help you get the most out of your next workout. It offers a range of different flavors and can be taken before your workout for increased energy, focus, endurance and more. For the best results, it’s recommended to take it in the morning or early afternoon. Other great options for keto-friendly pre workouts include Oldschool Labs’ Vintage blast and Das Labs’ Woke AF. Both of these products contain high amounts of caffeine but are formulated with other effective ingredients.

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