Why Love Marriage is Better Than Arranged Marriage

There are many reasons why a love union is better than an arranged marriage. A love marriage puts the couple in control. It eliminates the pressure and unreasonable expectations of the bridegroom’s family. Furthermore, the couple can choose the bride and groom and plan the wedding themselves. Hence, they can save a lot of money. Moreover, a love union also allows the couple to plan everything in a frugal way.

An arranged marriage involves more parents’ involvement. Girls and boys can’t spend much time getting to know their future spouse, but they can do it with a love marriage. Unlike an arranged marriage, a love union is easier to leave. Couples have already developed a comfort level with each other. Parents’ expectations are lower, too. Trust, understanding, and commitment are the most important qualities for a successful marriage.

An arranged marriage may not be as compatible as a love union. In love marriages, the partners often have different expectations for each other, which can cause frustration. The relationship may not work out as well as planned, and the two parties may feel disappointed with one another. It is also possible that the two partners have different lifestyles or religious beliefs. Such differences may be more noticeable once they begin living together. Love marriages tend to be more compatible with the partner’s lifestyle, but are still not identical to each other.

An arranged marriage is more caring to the partner’s needs, and it often helps resolve domestic issues faster. However, love marriages can be harder to resolve domestic problems, as the partners often have to be away from their families. An arranged marriage forces a couple to spend a lot of time addressing problems alone. They also have to deal with a lot of pressure, which can lead to stress, fear, and insecurity.

In a love union, the two parties have the freedom to discuss their future dreams with each other, as well as their respective lifestyles. The two may also discuss what kind of child they want, how much they want, and where they would like to live. Often, the relationship is not compatible for either partner and multiple marital issues may arise. Moreover, a love union may not be supported by family and friends, resulting in a discord in the relationship.

While love unions have become a popular trend in the western world, arranged marriages are still the norm in India. They are still dominant, and they retain their importance as an institution in the marital community. They are still the most common form of marriage, but they are both incredibly different from each other. If you are thinking of getting married, a love union is likely the better choice. If you are unsure about whether or not you should get married, make sure to consider the pros and cons of each option carefully. If you have the time, a love union is better than an arranged marriage.

While arranged marriages are still common in India, they do not have the same benefits. For one, the dowry system is still prevalent and the bridegroom’s family makes a lot of demands. This often leads to disputes, bickering, and even child marriages. However, in a love union, the bride and groom only care about their relationship and not the dowry. In the case of an arranged marriage, the bride and groom will still have to live together, but the love union will resolve all of these issues.

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